Thursday, March 16, 2017

Work at Kaiser Permanente

Three months ago, I started working for Kaiser Permanente as an employee. I was assigned to be Dr. Harvey's medical assistant. She is an oncologist, with a specialty of breast cancer. But she also sees other cancer patients like lung cancer, colon cancer etc. I sometimes have the opportunity to work with other Providers when Dr. Harvey has no schedules to see patients. I have assisted Dr. Mansoor, Dr. Barnett and Dr. Boyle who are all Hematologist. I have also assisted Dr. Da Graca, Dr. Lackowski, Dr. Boriboonsomsin and Dr. Shohara who are all Oncologist. Working in this Oncology and Hematology Department is such a big blessing for me and my family. I'm definitely learning a lot in this field of medicine and science. 

Working with these wonderful medical assistants is a blessing! I belong to a great team as everybody is helpful, hard working, flexible and professionals.

L-R: Celeste, Bogdan, Stephanie, Irene, Eugene, Jeni, Liliana, Marina, John and Yvonne.

L-R: David, Roseann, Sergio, Alex, Heather and Robby.

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